Rowdy crowds at Hell’s Belles home game

Sunday 9th April was pretty much the most exciting day of 2017 so far for Hertfordshire Roller Derby – the home bout. It’s the day we get to invite other leagues to our home turf and host a day of awesome skating, tough derby, a banging cake stand and a not-to-be-missed raffle.

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The first game day of Tier 3 women for the British Champs saw Surrey take on Killahurtz first of all, followed by Rebellion and Hell’s Belles going head to head.

The day started strong, with a game that showed none of the derby-girls playing that Sunday were doing things by halves! There were big hits, strong blocking and jukey jamming throughout the game between Surrey and Killahurtz.

Killahurtz took the lead though, holding their point advantage with fearless jamming. Surrey fought back hard with strong offensive hits, but it wasn’t enough to stop Killahurtz who took the lead at half time with a score of 147 against Surrey’s 17.

Courtesy Martin’s Derby Photos

In the second half both teams came back raring to go bringing fierce skills on track. Killahurtz stayed strong and maintained their lead throughout – they even bagged a 17 point jam! Surrey fought hard, but the Killahurtz kept driving with strong walls and effective jamming. The final score was 319 to Killahurtz and 70 to Surrey Rollergirls.

Then it was time for the game all of the rowdiest members of the crowd had been waiting for – it was time for Hertfordshire’s Hell’s Belles to take on Rebellion.

Rebellion took an early lead in the game and put up strong hits against the Belles. In the first half of the game Rebellion scored a 33 point jam! Hell’s Belles fought back throughout and were able to win back points with effective offensive playing during power jams. Rebellion fought hard and took the lead at half time with a score of 235 against the Hell’s Belles at 77.

Courtesy Martin’s Derby Photos

The second half of the game saw both teams come back with renewed energy. The Belles were able to close the points gap as they passed 100 points during the second half and managed to take more control of the game. Rebellion stayed strong throughout, however, and maintained a lead against the Belles. The final score saw Rebellion at 374 points against the Hell’s Belles with 170.

Courtesy Martin’s Derby Photos

The day was a huge success and we hope everyone that came to play and watch had a fantastic time! It wasn’t only a special day because it was the home bout for us at Hertfordshire Roller Derby, but also because it was Dolly Spartan’s last game with the Belles. Dolly co-captained the league, coached and encouraged countless new skaters and played as a completely formidable jammer throughout her time with the Belles.

We also said goodbye to our head coach and bench, Shrooms, who has shared his world class experience, and driven and inspired our tactics, communication and vision over the past few years.

Always a Belle – they will both be missed.

Here are a few of our favourite tweets from the day:

Congratulations to TopDPS for a fab performance in her first open door game!


Well deserved awards went to the following Belles:
Best Blocker: Stings Like Abbie
Best Jammer: DodgeHer
MVP: Cole

Courtesy Martin’s Derby Photos

As always we have to say a MASSIVE thank you to everyone who came to support us, made loads of noise and made the day as much fun as it was!

Thank you to all of the people who NSO’d, reffed, volunteered, helped set the hall up, sold tickets, merch, raffle tickets and cake, played tunes and shouted excitedly down the microphone all day. We couldn’t have had such a fantastic day without all of your help.

Our next game will be against Brighton Rockers on 14th May.

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