Our Rookies Get a Taste of the Action

Some of our new additions to the advanced team have been getting some great practice taking part in their first Rookie / Cherry Popper games, preparing themselves for the opportunity to be selected for the Belles chartered team.

Although all of them have taken part in scrims during training, there is nothing like playing in a real bout to find out what it actually feels like and how everything runs.

There has been a great selection of Rookie bouts to choose from with our Belles opting for those hosted by the Blitz Dames, Coventry (25 June), the Cambridge Rollerbillies (8 July), Cambridge and the Haunted City Rollers, Nottingham (16 July).

It was amazing to see them put the skills and tactics they have been learning during training to great use. They all had an incredible time and are very much looking forward to taking part in future bouts.

We were delighted that Captain Morgue, Gal Drogo and Zee Whizz picked up awards for Best Jammer, Best Blocker and MVP!

Zee Whizz & Captain Morgue
Best Blocker & Best Jammer Awards
Captain Morgue, Gal Drogo & Zee Whizz
MVP, Best Jammer & MVP Awards

“I was a bag of nerves. My legs were shaking involuntarily, I was sweating before I had even done anything! I think the first game panic had well and truly set in. Off I went, blocking and Jamming, My first jam was a nightmare, I was all over shop, but as each Jam went by I started to focus more on either walling up to stop that jammer or getting through that damn wall! I stopped sweating the small stuff and began enjoying the game I had been avidly learning to the play for over 2 years! I came out the other side of my first derby game with a huge amount of respect for our Belles and what they have to do to achieve the results they get. The realisation I had more work to be getting on with and some fitness to get under check. A passion to want to ‘level up’ and get better to enjoy the game even more! It was an incredible experience and to do it with some of my fellow skaters also was a huge highlight for me.” Captain Morgue #69

Captain Morgue #69 photo credit: Daz Wilson
Captain Morgue #69
photo credit: Daz Wilson

“I just couldn’t stop giggling from nerves because I kept thinking- how the hell did I get here! It seems that from when I started skating to playing my game happened so fast, even though I was scrimming with the Belles this is when gameplay felt real for the first time! I had the best time, everyone was so friendly, I soon forgot how nervous I was and got stuck in straight away! Playing my first rookie bout gave me such a drive to play more and just made me more excited to be a Hell’s Belle” Gal Drogo #4

Gal Drogo #4
Gal Drogo #4

“I couldn’t quite believe I was about to play my first rookie bouts! Scrimming with the league had been so much fun but i knew i had the skills of the Belles to lead me, this time they wouldn’t be there. I was so glad my fellow newbies were there and everyone playing was so welcoming. The bouts were great fun and at the end I couldn’t wait to get back on track” Shaw Fire #48

Shaw Fire #48

“The run up to playing in my first bout at Coventry was like a dream… it had taken me two years to get to this point and I couldn’t find the words to describe how it felt – it was a mixture of excitement, achievement and fear all rolled into one! When the final whistle blew I was on an absolute high…” TanShee Scream #3

TanShee Scream #3
Photo Credit: Michelle Deakin


Our next roller derby course for beginners will be starting soon. Find out more and get involved!

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