My own Roller Derby story…

My roller derby story began in the same way that I hear it does for many people – I watched the classic 2009 Ellen Page film “Whip it!”. Ever since, it has been a background obsession of mine, just waiting to break out and be realised. Fast forward 9ish years and my mum told me that she found a Roller Derby league a measly 20 minutes from my house! AND they had a beginner’s Fresh Meat course in a months’ time.

September came around very quickly and I went to the first training session. My head was spinning with thoughts about how I’d made a terrible mistake, I couldn’t roller skate and I’d never even seen a game of Roller Derby, let alone played it before! However, those thoughts were very short lived. I was greeted with such warmth from the members of the league, and the other members of the Fresh Meat course. I instantly felt welcomed! It also made me slightly less nervous to see how terrified the other girls were.

We got kitted up… several times… who knew that knee pads had a left and a right. I sure didn’t. Then we were ready to skate. I say skate… It was more like just rolling and hoping not to fall on our bums.

Over the weeks, we were taught all sorts of skills and tricks that I’d never imagined I’d be able to even attempt let alone kind of be able to do… With a lot more practice needed for sure.

I’ve made some incredible friendships with the other Freshies, as well as with some of the other members of the league. Everyone has been so supportive and encouraging. I’ve truly never been in such a diverse and welcoming community of people.

Looking back over the last few months I can’t believe how far I’ve come, I’m much more confident on my skates, and feel comfortable attempting skills that I’d never thought I’d be able to do. I’ve learnt that I’m tougher than I ever realised and if I set my mind to something I can not only do it but absolutely smash it.

Looking forward, I’m really excited to be a full-time member of the league and train with the intermediate group. I’m looking forward to the step up in training and pushing myself to be as strong and as confident as I can be on my skates. I’m also really excited to learn more about this sport and be more immersed in the world of derby.

With even more Fresh Meat courses starting up in 2019 there’s plenty of chances for you to sign up too! I’ll see you on track. X

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