Latest #HYHB Awards go to Drac Kill’er & Kiss of Beth!

Here at HRD we have ‘Hell Yeah Hell’s Belles!’ Awards. The special ‘horned panty’ awards are given to the two players after each bout, who are thought to have played their best game.

HYHB Award - Kiss of Beth and Drac Kill'er
HYHB Award winners – Kiss of Beth and Drac Kill’er!

The award winners then nominate the next round of award winners following a subsequent game. Our previous winners, Stings Like Abbie and Bex Pistol, have awarded the latest round of awards to Drac Kill’er and Kiss of Beth following British Roller Derby Championship T4 Southern Playoffs on 22nd November.

Kiss of Beth

by Stings Like Abbie

“When the Hell’s Belles award was given to me, I knew that it was going to be a tough decision on who I gave it to after our next bout. The person I awarded it to is like my mirror image on track.

Together we cover both lines to stop the jammer getting round the outside of our wall. We support our middle blockers, and often find ourselves alone on track. When Kiss of Beth is with me as a two-wall, I know we can really work together to catch the jammer. I can 100% rely on Kiss of Beth to come into a hit with enough force for us to squish the jammer between us and stop her leaving the pack.

Her timing is spot on, she is always targeted by the offence, takes some big hits and makes it look like nothing. Her game is calm and she is an amazing part of our wall. Well done for being so awesome Kiss of Beth!”

Kiss of Beth and Stings like Abbie
Kiss of Beth and Stings like Abbie. Photo by Daz Wilson

Drac Kill’er

by Bex Pistol

“Playoffs was a huge day for the Belles – it was the first time we’d ever played two games in one day as a team and we desperately wanted to be promoted to Tier 3.  Everyone brought their all and showed that we could rise to the challenge – which made picking one person for the Hell Yeah Hell’s Belles award really difficult!

But on a day like that, when the pressure and nerves are running high, there was one person who really won the ‘mental game’ (which can be one of the biggest challenges on bout day). Drac has had a roller-coaster season and Playoffs is a big time to come back to the team – but she played an amazing couple of games.

Both of our games were pretty tough and Drac never gave up. She played clean and calm, she didn’t let the big hitters intimidate her and she even had an awesome moment chasing down the opposing jammer and knocking her off track. Drac did a brilliant job of keeping her wall together, and even when she didn’t have the jammer on her, she was always supporting her wall or making sure her teammates kept in play. Drac is an amazing skater and teammate – she has definitely earned herself a #HYHB award!”

Drac Kill'er blocking. Photo by Daz Wilson
Drac Kill’er blocking. Photo by Daz Wilson

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