HRD’s Biggest EVER Intake!

HRD Fresh Meat January 2016
Sunday 24th saw the beginning of our latest fresh meat course here at Hertfordshire Roller Derby. We’re very excited to say that a whopping 25 people signed up for our 12 week course!

After a mammoth kitting up session, introductions and warm up, we got all our newbies on track.

There were a few falls, some nervous laughter and lots of smiles as they all began to skate around! One of our lovely co-captains, Dolly Spartan, led the session which taught basic skating skills.


You can see how much she enjoyed coaching!

To finish off we had a big relay race which brought out everyone’s competitive side and had us all cheering together.

We’re looking forward to the rest of course and can’t wait to see everyone’s progress!

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