HRD Co-Captains Talk Leggings, Derby Names and 2017 Plans


As 2016 turns into 2017, we welcome our new co-Captains Cole and Stings Like Abbie.  Cole and Abbie have been with the league two years and both skated in the British Roller Derby Championships. 

Why did you put yourselves forward to be captains?

Stings Like Abbie:  Well, the previous captains have been, and continue to be, a massive inspiration for my derby journey. I absolutely love the team, the sport and our league! I really like to push myself to be the best I can be for the team so this is a great new challenge for me!

Cole:  I put myself forward as the team and what we have achieved is so important to me – I really hope I can continue the amazing work our previous captains have done! The role is a huge responsibility and the previous captains have left some pretty big shoes (skates!) to fill. However, I love a challenge and I’m really excited to work with the rest of the team and league to learn the role and help the team smash this season!

How long have you been skating?

Stings Like Abbie: I graduated Fresh Meat with HRD two years ago in December. I wish I’d started before that!!

Cole: 6 years on and off! But I’ve been with the Belles since Sept 2014 🙂

Who’s your favourite UK derby skater?

Stings Like Abbie: I love to watch Reaper jam and Shrooms block, they are no doubt my faves!

Stings Like Abbie holding the jammer at 2016 British Roller Derby Championship playoffs. Photo credit Martin’s Derby Photos

What’s your favourite thing about playing roller derby?

Cole: Teamwork and the community 😀 I love how supportive everyone is, the Belles definitely work as one unit instead of individuals competing against each other. Everyone always has each other’s back and that’s a great feeling. The sense of achievement when you come off track and everything you’ve been working on has come together. I also love it when you randomly bump into someone else who plays derby!

Stings Like Abbie:  Taking hits!! Haha. I love it that no matter what your body shape is, you can be an effective part of the team. The community spirit within the sport is incredible, everyone is accepted for who they are. Even rival teams are super friendly off track, and that’s really important to me when playing such a full contact sport. My teammates feel more like family, and I love having such a big family!

Who has the best leggings in the league?

Cole:  The Belles!!! Or we will do this season…

Stings Like Abbie:   Kiss of Beth has the best leggings, blood splattered!! 😈

Cole: Ooh Bull DozeHer has many pairs of awesome leggings too!

What is the main focus for the team at the moment?

Stings Like Abbie:  I think the main focus for the team right now is to settle into all the changes recently made and look towards setting our goals for this season. We have so many plans!!

Cole:  That’s a tough one! But yes I agree with Abbie, we’ve had two fantastic seasons and we want to continue moving onwards and upwards, solidifying everything we’ve learnt and continuing to adapt and progress. We’ve had new players make it into the Charter and some leave so it’s about bringing everyone together and like Abbie says working on those exciting new goals and planning for this season!

HYHB! So is there anyone new to look out for this season?

Stings Like Abbie:  Yes! There are some new and some existing skaters worth keeping an eye on this season. The personal progress they’ve made over the last few months is exciting for the team 😁

Our newest skaters to make charter are Bull DozeHer, who has demonstrated determination to become strong on track while playing tournaments with some of her teammates. Red Gloss is a solid blocker, but her agility means she’s a possible future double threat. Wild Berry is quick, agile and constantly working on her footwork giving her future jammer potential for sure.  VictoriaKnocks is also a tenacious jammer and a fierce blocker. Definitely keep an eye on her!

Cole blocking the opposition jammer at 2016 British Roller Derby Championship playoffs. Photo credit Martin’s Derby Photos

If you could be any animal whilst playing roller derby, what would you be?

Stings Like Abbie:  I would definitely be a lioness. They act as a coordinated group with members who perform the same role consistently in order to stalk and bring down their prey. Perfect for derby! I reckon my jammer could get some awesome whips off my tail, and I’m pretty sure I actually pull this face if the opposing jammer gets past…

Cole: Haha, a bat!

And finally… what’s your favourite derby name?

Stings Like Abbie:  My favourite derby name is Murder. It’s the gift that keeps on giving… when I first started with HRD I only knew her as Murder, she was on Facebook as Murder and everyone called her Murder. It was cool and easy to remember. One of her scrim tops said Murder Urs, and I thought oh wow Murderous, that’s cool. Then Facebook made her change her name and I realised that it was a play on her real name. I chuckled at how dumb I had been…

Then after almost a year and a half of skating with her, someone was saying “OMG I didn’t ‘get’ Murder’s Derby name, that’s brilliant!”, and I was all like yeah her name is Ursula that’s pretty cool. And they then explained to me that I still didn’t get it, and her full derby name is in fact Murderous One (Murder Urs 1)…

OMG I didn’t even add the 1 on!

Stings Like Abbie:  I’m not explaining it to anyone else!  Leitzy lawless took me even longer….

…. you might need to explain that one

Stings Like Abbie: Haha okay…  I always just assumed Leitzy Lawless was a cowgirl’s name, I’m pretty sure someone is called something Lawless in Wild Wild West (the terrible Will Smith film). I can’t even remember when it was but something popped up on Facebook about Lucy Lawless, and I was like OMG who is this?! So I clicked it and she is the actress that played Xena Warrior Princess. That took me two years to find out 🙈 she’s definitely not a cowgirl or from the Wild West.


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