Hell’s Belles take the win against Roller Derby Leicester

Saturday 16th April saw Hertfordshire’s Hell’s Belles take on Roller Derby Leicester, followed by the hosts, the Concrete Cows, taking on the Seaside Sirens at Houghton Regis Leisure Centre for  Tier 3 East Division – Gameday 3.


Hell’s Belles vs Roller Derby Leicester

Another derby day, another chance for the Hell’s Belles to prove a handful of The Predictables wrong and defeat the opposition… and that’s what they did (well done to Snoogins for winning the prediction – and thank you) :D!  Gameday 3 also saw the return of Whack‘em Phoenix to the Belles and the team couldn’t be more hyped to have her back on track.

Despite some relentless offence from RDL, the Belles worked together to keep the opposition jammers in the pack.  Some top notch Belles blocking even saw the opposition unable to score any points during a power jam, despite some disruptive offence from the opposition.

The end of the first half was Roller Derby Leicester with 91 points and Hell’s Belles Roller Girls ahead with 142 points.

RDL came back fighting in the second half but the Belles held it together and maintained their lead.  The final score saw the Hell’s Belles take the win with 242 against Roller Derby Leicester with 197.

Hell’s Belles celebrated with some homemade personalised team biscuits 🙂

Hell's Belles Team Biscuits

The Concrete Cows vs Seaside Sirens

Bout two of the day was the hosts The Concrete Cows take on the Seaside Sirens. The sirens played a hard fought game but the Concrete Cows took an early lead and didn’t let up – and won with a score of 238-90.

It was a great day of derby!  Thank you to everyone who came along and supported, all the teams for being fantastic opponents, the Concrete Cows for hosting a brilliant day, and to the referees, NSOs, medics, announcers and stall holders for a great day of derby!

Hell’s Belles Awards

The lovely Roller Derby Leicester awarded the following awards to Hell’s Belles skaters:
Best Blocker: Candy Cane-her
Best Jammer: DodgeHer
MVP: Kiss of Beth
Well done guys!

Next up… the Hell’s Belles home game on 14th May against the Norfolk Brawds – not to be missed – #HYHB!

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