Hell’s Belles Competing in British Champs Tier 3 for 2016

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We’re super excited that this year, our Hell’s Belles will be competing in Tier 3 Regional East division of the British Championships!

Last year Hertfordshire Roller Derby’s Hell’s Belles won all the games to come top of Tier 4 Local Central South Division. Although the team didn’t take a top spot in playoffs, a slight rejig within the British Championships tournament structure means that the Belles have moved up. In addition a new Tier 5 has been created.

This year, Hell’s Belles will be competing against some old rivals and friends – Milton Keynes Roller Derby, The Norfolk Brawds and Killa Hurtz Roller Girls, as well as coming up against teams they’ve never played before – Roller Derby Leicester and Seaside Sirens Roller Girls.

Some of the 2015 game dates have been announced with a couple to be finalised so make sure you add these dates to your diary!  Venues aren’t confirmed yet but we’ve mentioned the hosting teams to give you an idea on the location.

Saturday 13th February 2016

Hosted by Seaside Sirens (Essex)

This is a rest game for our Hell’s Belles.  Because there are five teams in the group, we will be taking it in 
turns to have one off – although we will definitely be there to check out the competition!  🙂

Milton Keynes Roller Derby vs Killa Hurtz Roller Girls
Seaside Sirens Roller Girls vs Norfolk Brawds Roller Derby

Saturday 12th March 2016

Hosted by Roller Derby Leicester

This will be our first game of the tournament, and the Belles will be taking on the Seaside Sirens for the very first time.

Seaside Sirens Roller Girls vs Hell’s Belles Roller Girls
Roller Derby Leicester vs Milton Keynes Roller Derby

Find out how it went in our bout report for this game.

Saturday 16th April 2016

Hosted by Milton Keynes

Hell’s Belles will play their first ever game against Roller Derby Leicester.

Roller Derby Leicester vs Hell’s Belles Roller Girls
Milton Keynes Roller Derby vs Seaside Sirens Roller Girls

Follow the event on Facebook for the latest information.

Saturday 14th May 2016

Hosted by Hell’s Belles Roller Girls (Hertfordshire)

This will be our home game so make sure you come and make some noise! We will be taking on our 
friends and one of the first teams we ever played – The Norfolk Brawds.  The Brawds have an unbeaten 
record against the Belles so we’ve got a lot to prove. It promises to be an epic day of derby so please 
come along and cheer us on!

Killa Hurtz Roller Girls vs Roller Derby Leicester
Hell’s Belles Roller Girls vs Norfolk Brawds Roller Derby

Follow our event on Facebook for the latest information.

Saturday 4th June 2016

Hosted by Killa Hurtz Roller Girls (Essex)

This will be the second rest game for the Belles.

Roller Derby Leicester vs Norfolk Brawds Roller Derby
Killa Hurtz Roller Girls vs Seaside Sirens Roller Girls

Saturday 25th June 2016

Hosted by The Norfolk Brawds

The Belles will be taking on Milton Keynes Roller Derby.  We regularly scrim with Milton Keynes 
but haven’t played them since the Heartland Series tournament in 2014 where MK took the win.

Milton Keynes Roller Derby vs Hell’s Belles Roller Girls
Norfolk Brawds Roller Derby vs Killa Hurtz Roller Girls

See Norfolk Brawds Facebook event for more information.

Triple Header Date TBC

Host TBC

The final game day will see Hell’s Belles play Killa Hurtz Roller Girls, who they took on at playoffs 
in November, where Killa Hurtz took the win.

Hell’s Belles Roller Girls vs Killa Hurtz Roller Girls
Norfolk Brawds Roller Derby vs Milton Keynes Roller Derby
Seaside Sirens Roller Girls vs Roller Derby Leicester

This year is going to be the toughest year yet for the Belles, who are very much the underdogs in the group. But we’ve come a long way in the past couple of years and we will be training hard to bring our best game.

See you on track 🙂 Hell Yeah Hell’s Belles!

Fixtures and dates taken from the British Roller Derby Championships Website

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