DodgeHer: “If I’m desperate I might run”

Dodgeher jamming against Dolly Rockit Rollers in 2015
DodgeHer jamming against Dolly Rockit Rollers in 2015

Derby name and number: DodgeHer #27
Age: 30
Time with HRD: 5 years
Number of open bouts: 24
Position: Jammer
Points per jam*: 8.48
Lead jammer*: 71.43%

How did you get involved with roller derby?

My friend was a derby fan and found the Hell’s Belles info. She told me I’d love it, so I went to training having no clue about the sport. I was addicted from day one.

Apart from skating, what other roles have you held within the league?

I was captain for 3 years and I coach as best I can.

Who is your biggest inspiration and why?

I don’t have any one person in particular. I admire anyone who is prepared to take their development into their own hands, focus and train hard to achieve their goals.

Do you have a derby wife?

Yes! But sadly she doesn’t play derby any more, but she’ll always be my wife.

What’s your pre-training breakfast?

Pancakes if I have time or poached eggs on toast, nom.

What off-skates training do you do?

High intensity plyometric classes, spinning and if I’m stuck for classes and really desperate I might run.

What has been your personal proudest moment with HRD?

My parents came to watch our home bout this year. My dad texted me afterwards saying how much the team and I had improved since the last game he watched two years ago. He changed his screen saver on his phone and computer to me in my derby kit.

What is your biggest personal achievement?

Last year we competed in the Heartland series (precursor to the British Champs). I achieved second place for the most number of points scored in our group. I was beaten to top spot by a very talented jammer,  our very own Dolly Spartan! This year however I’m determined to beat her to number one…

What do you see as the league’s biggest achievement over its five years?

Where we are now! Preparing for playoffs.


*Stats after three games taken from British Championships website. Correct at 3rd November 2015.

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