Bruises are red, they’re violet and blue. A celebration of our derby wives <3

This Valentine’s day, we’re celebrating all the love and shoves that derby brings.  We also celebrated Galentine’s day because there’s just so much damn love to go around.

A beautiful quirk of roller derby is that lots of people involved in the sport get “derby married”.

According to Urban Dictionary the definition of a derby wife is: “A roller derby soul mate, the woman who you knew from the first second that you’d been separated at birth, who will hold your hair when you throw up after drinking too much, arrange bail, ride in the ambulance with you and set your real husband straight on the Derby world.”

So here’s a few of our cutest derby wives <3

Red Gloss & Bull DozeHer

Red Gloss and Bull DozeHer are celebrating their first Valentine’s Day as derby wives! They mutually proposed at Thorpe Park last April and celebrated by winning matching friendship bracelets (adorable!). They first met when they joined fresh meat together in March 2015 then bonded over Mexican food, NSOing and the many bootcamps they attended together (especially when they both had a one footed plowing epiphany!).

Since then they’ve moved up to the Hell’s Belles charter together and despite always ending up playing on separate teams or walls (it’s become a running joke, our own Romeo and Juliet) they remain strong!

Vera Offtrack & Dolly Spartan <3

(These guys are so cute they wrote a poem!)

Bruises are red,
they’re violet and blue,
Vera loves Dolly,

and she loves Vera too.

All padded up,
they skate on track,
derby wives forever,
They have each other’s back.

Cole & Bex Pistol

(and these guys just word-vomited all over the place in the best way possible <3)

Cole: I proposed at the home game after-party last year  🙂 she said yes! We’re both always late, so we know we can rely on each other for that 😝 There was that time we were dancing and I stood up into Bex’s elbow and got an egg in the middle of my forehead. Bex is the hostess with the mostess and once put me up for a whole 24hrs, complete with food, skittles vodka and swimming! And never asked me to go home! She also makes a killer curry! I went a whole 5 years without a derby wife, it just proves that it’s worth waiting until the right person comes along ❤️
Oh she also introduced me to the Lego Movie and does things like inviting me over for breakfast pancakes pre-training just to cheer me up 😊

Bex Pistol:  I never had a derby wife either (and I would probably be too afraid to ever ask someone!). We should probably mention that Coley Woley proposed after several tequila shots which I may have ‘suggested’ … And she asked Dan for permission!  Coley taught me how to watch out for bats and took us on a bat walk where we got to listen to them 🙂.  If I’m the hostess with the mostess, she is the best guest 🙂 she’s helped me plant all my veggies, always tidies up even when I tell her she doesn’t have to, watched fireworks from the field next door when I didn’t get a ticket and is cool with hanging out by the fire and chilling.   Cole’s my partner in crime – she’s not afraid of anything, is freakish strong & bendy…! Together we’ve given so many things a go – from climbing, to rolling down ski slopes, to handstands, gymnastics and even dancing.  And we’re both really uncoordinated so one of us normally gets whacked in the face!

So much love! And this is just a taste of some of the awesome friendships we have in our league.  Happy Valentine’s to all of you wonderful people.

Come and see us in action!

Our big home game will be held on Sunday 9th April 2017 at Hemel Hempstead Sportspace. Our Hell’s Belles will be taking on Bedfordshire’s Rebellion Roller Derby.  Get your tickets for our home game now .

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