10 Reasons to Watch Roller Derby LIVE!

So, you’ve heard all about this Roller Derby lark, but you’ve never seen a live game… Well, as it turns out, we are playing THIS SUNDAY, and we think you should definitely come! But if that’s not enough to persuade you, here are our top 10 reasons to watch a live Roller Derby bout…

1. Learn about one of the UK’s fastest growing sports

Don’t know the rules? No problem! Roller Derby isn’t as complicated as it looks, and our learned announcers will help explain the game and tell you what’s going on. There’ll also be a brief explanation in the programme, plus loads of lovely members around to help – just ask!

2. Get close to the action

Like… really close! If you sit on the trackside mats you could end up with a skater in your lap- What other sport gives you that kind of opportunity?! 😉

3. There will be cake

Lots of cake.

Yeah, we really like cake…

4. Win prizes

Most bouts have raffles, and ours is no exception! There will be loads of great prizes up for grabs…

PURE Wireless Speaker
£100 Delta Force Paintball Vouchers
2 pairs Madam Tussauds tickets courtesy Merlin Entertainments
3 gift vouchers for Forest Song spa treatments
Customised canvas trainers by Purple Hut Creations
Two tickets for Spirit of Hemel Old Town Ghost Walk
Family ticket to Waddesdon Manor

Full list of raffle prizes can be found here.

And by buying raffle tickets, you’ll also be helping us raise much-needed money for our team.

5. Make lots of noise

Any sports game is a good opportunity to shout at the top of your lungs, and Roller Derby even more so!

Photo by Neil Biggs.

6. PUNS!

If you didn’t know already, every player has a name which is usually a pun or play on words. Working them all out is half the fun!

Dolly Spartan #925

7. Support local sport

Roller Derby is our hobby! Everyone in our team has a day job and Roller Derby takes up a lot of our spare time, so we really appreciate your support!

8. High fives

Join the crowds at the trackside after each game and high five both teams as they whizz past on their skates! (You don’t get that at the football!)

Photo by Martin’s Derby Photos

9. Be inspired!

You never know, it might just inspire you to take up skating or join our league… Keep an eye out for our Fresh Meat courses, or pop along to RollerCity on a Thursday night where we often practice – we’re a friendly bunch and always willing to help you learn if you just want to have a go.

fresh meat 2017 kit check

10. What, you need more?!

Just get your ticket and come on over! It’s a great day out for all the family and you’ll have a great time – we promise!

See you there! 😉

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