Over the moon and super proud


Leitzy Lawless and I are super proud of all that Hell’s Belles have achieved this year.

By marginally moving up to Tier 3 last year we entered the 2016 British Championship with the ‘yes, we deserve to be here and lets go for it’ attitude.

Every member of the charter has been dedicated, focused and determined to raise our derby game and together we have grown as a team.  We have throughly enjoyed playing every team in our T3W East group, it has been tough and we fought for every point in every game.

So here we are, top of our group, after successfully winning all our games this season – AMAZING!

Now of course we wouldn’t be here without our fabulous coaches, who have worked so hard, consistently building our strength, knowledge and team tactics that have raised our standards. Our coaches have helped individual skaters as well as develop the team as a whole and Leitzy Lawless and I would like this opportunity to say a big, massive THANK YOU to all of you!

We are over the moon to have made the playoffs this year and we are extremely excited for this coming weekend, we are ready and we are determined and most of all we are planning to enjoy every minute of it because we are all just so happy to be there, we are going to go for it!


Dolly Spartan and Leitzy Lawless

This weekend we fight for promotion in our first game against Wirral Roller Derby.  It’s all to play for.  If we win our first game, we are guaranteed promotion to Tier 2 and go on to play two more games on the Sunday.  If we lose, we’re out of the competition.

Watch our game via the live stream at 9:30 on Saturday 10th September.

Find out more about 2016 British Championships Playoffs.

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