Vacancy – Head Referee

We are looking for an experienced referee to lead our enthusiastic group of rookie zebras.

Why Join Us?

We scrim most Sundays and Wednesdays, so there’ll be lots of opportunity to develop your reffing skills further as well as leading our team of referees. You would be fully supported as a member of our welcoming league, and be part of the central decision making team.

In addition, there’ll be lots of cake and social activities 🙂

Role Description

The role of Head Referee involves championing Hertfordshire Roller Derby’s referees, leading their development and supporting all members with up to date rules knowledge.

The Head Referee would be responsible for:

  • General support and organisation of referees in the league
  • Setting a training programme for HRD’s referees to include skating skills and game knowledge
  • Coordinating referee training schedule with HRD’s coaching team
  • Determining bout/scrim positions and duties
  • Organising skating officials and duties at HRD’s home games
  • Explaining rules to skaters
  • Representing referees at HRD’s cluster group


It is expected that the Head Referee:

  • Has refereed a minimum of ten official public games (eg. British Championships/UKRDA/MRDA/WFTDA)
  • Has experience training rookie referees who are both on and off skates

HRD will:

  • Support you in your role as Head Referee
  • Ensure that you are well briefed about any special needs of trainee referees i.e. medical conditions / injuries
  • Ensure you are aware of HRD’s Code of Conduct, policies and risk assessments

Have I got the time?

The Head Referee will be expected to attend Wednesday (20:30 – 22:15 @ Welwyn Garden City) and Sunday training sessions (11:00 – 14:00 @ Hemel Hempstead) in line with the league’s minimum attendance policy (currently 50%). There may be some planning, coordination and communication outside of training times.  The Head Ref will be expected to represent referees and attend up to six cluster meetings each year.

About HRD

HRD is a member of UKRDA and has competed in Tier 3 of the British Championships for the past two years.  As a league, our ambitious vision is to be a welcoming local community that plays roller derby at an international level.  Find out more about HRD.

Next steps

If you think that this is a role you would like to take on, please email and include:

  • Any relevant qualifications or affiliations
  • Leagues you have been a member of and dates
  • What you think you could bring to HRD
  • Potential start date

We can then arrange a trial session for you to meet our trainee referees and other members of the coaching team.  If it goes well for you and us, then we will invite you to be a probationary member of the league subject to a reference from your most recent league.