Rookie Roller Derby Skater Tips

So you’re thinking about joining our new skater intake? Excellent! We’ve put together some top tips to help you get ready.

Roller derby fresh meat stepping drills

Get good knee pads

Rule number one! It’s very important to look after your knees (Baz Luhrman says so) and you will practice falling on your knees from very early on during the course. It’s worth investing in knees pads designed for roller derby. You can check with our fresh meat rep by emailing


You will learn something new every week

Everyone develops at a different rate and finds different things difficult so it’s important not to compare yourself to your other rookies – compare yourself to you, because more than likely you will improve on at least ONE thing every week or learn something new about yourself.

Have a good breakfast

You will be exerting yourselves (and using muscles you didn’t even know you had) so it’s important to fuel up and have a good breakfast. Something high in carbs like porridge with bananas/dried fruit or toast with peanut butter should keep you going.

Don’t forget the water!

You’ll be working hard so make sure you bring plenty of water to keep hydrated!

Upgrading kit

If you’ve not skated in a long time, it’s usually worth investing in a roller derby starter kit available from some skate retailers – with the essential items (skates/elbow pads/GOOD knee pads/wrist guards/gum shield/helmet). You can upgrade bits of kit when you have more of an idea what you need. One of the first things you’ll probably want to think about is getting new wheels because the ones that come with starter skates often aren’t great. Different wheels suit different people so take your time and see if you can borrow some at training so you invest in the right ones for you. We can also loan kit subject to availability.

You will be scared

That’s what makes it fun! (Baz Luhrman also says to do one thing every day that scares you). I love Baz.

Get involved!

Our next course starts soon! Find out about how you can sign up for our next new skater intake.