Bout report – Tier 4 Central South & South East playoffs

Sunday 22nd November saw the four top teams from the British Roller Derby Championships Tier 4 Central South and South East descend onto Luton Sixth Form College, along with all their supporters.

Hell’s Belles vs Killa Hurtz

The first bout of the day saw our Hell’s Belles go up against Killa Hurtz Roller Girls. Tension in the crowd was palpable, as the winner of this bout would go on later to play for first/second place and meant guaranteed promotion to Tier 3. Both teams put up a strong fight, although both were fairly penalty heavy in the first half.

Half time saw Killa Hurtz ahead with 145 to Hell’s Belles’ 78. After a half time talk Hell’s Belles returned to the track even more focused and determined. However, Killa Hurtz took the win with a final score 152-235.

Brawds vs Surrey

Bout two of the day was The Norfolk Brawds vs Surrey Roller Girls. Both teams were strong but it was Brawds who took the win. They would go on to face Killa Hurtz to determine first/second places while Surrey would bout against Hell’s Belles for third place.

Hell’s Belles vs Surrey

Hell’s Belles and Surrey took to the track for the third bout. Surrey only had half an hour between bouts to recover but came back fighting. Emotions were running high, for both the skaters and supporters. The first half saw a few lead changes and some very strong walls and jammers from both sides. Half time saw Hell’s Belles down by only 10 points.

Returning after half time, it was all to play for and too close to call. The crowd were on the edge of their seats and the cheering got louder as the teams battled for third place. There were huge hits, solid walls and some amazing footwork. In the closest bout of the day, Surrey took third place with just a five points lead. Final score 146 – 151.

Killa Hurtz vs Brawds

The final bout saw Brawds up against Killa Hurtz. Both teams came out incredibly strong as they faced off to decide who’d take the number one spot. Both teams made use of tactical offense and the crowds witnessed some great jams. The Brawds were victorious, and both teams will move up to Tier 3 next year.

Hell’s Belles Awards

Surrey awarded the following awards to Hell’s Belles skaters:

Best Blocker: Stings Like Abbie
Best Jammer: Wreck-It Bec
MVP: Vera Offtrack

Well done guys!

Thank you to everyone who came along and supported, all the teams for being fantastic opponents, Bedfordshire Roller Girls for hosting a fab day that ran incredibly smoothly, and to the referees, NSOs, medics, announcers and stall holders for a great day of derby!

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