About Hertfordshire Roller Derby

Kiss of Beth and Stings like Abbie

Hell's Belles Roller GirlsWelcome to Hertfordshire Roller Derby, the home of the award-winning Hell’s Belles Roller Girls. We are a women’s flat-track roller derby team, founded in late-2010.

For 2017 the Belles competed in the British Roller Derby Championships!

Take a look at our current league members and see our calendar page for bout details.


2017 – Hell’s Belles competed in British Championships, Tier 3 East.

2016 – Hell’s Belles competed in British Championships, Tier 3 East and won every game in the tier, which saw the Belles progress to playoffs to play Wirral Roller Derby.  Wirral played a brilliant game and took the win so the Belles start 2017 in Tier 3.  See the full game report and musings from Day-Trip-Her.

2015 – Hell’s Belles competed in British Championships, Tier 4 Central South and won every game in the tier, which saw us promoted to Tier 3 in 2016.  See full game report.

2014 – Hells Belles competed in the Heartland Series, winning one game.

2013 – Hells Belles competed in the Heartland Series, winning zero games.

2012 – Hells Belles started playing competitively and competed in the End of the World Series, winning one game.

2010 – Hertfordshire Roller Derby was formed.